EasyCodeScan (ECS) - software solution for inventory

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EasyCodeScan or ECS is a solution for inventory, entry of data, and management of goods in the warehouse. It enables you to read and capture barcodes, list data sorted by the time of entry, to delete and edit input data. ECS also allows you to easily export data files, prepared in a way that is compatible with most accounting and bookkeeping programs

The easy-to-use program EasyCodeScan enables you to: 

  • read product barcodes;
  • enter a quantity for products; 
  • extremely fast data transfer by Wi-FI (in most cases in just a few seconds); 
  • access to the list of data sorted by time of entry; 
  • delete and edit entered data
  • easy export of data; 
  • the possibility of scanning EAN-128 barcodes and processing some of the EAN-128 barcodes.


You can scan up to 10 barcodes with a demo program. If you wish to upgrade to the paid version with no limits of scans, contact our team. 

Steps to get the licensed version: 

  • download the app ECS from Google Store and test the app to confirm that it suits your business needs;
  • contact our team for the pricing for a monthly or yearly license;
  • get the information for the payment transfer through the Paypal; 
  • get the confirmation e-mail with the license number you will enter in EasyCodeScann app in the settings menu. 
  • enter the license number in the settings menu and activate the full functionality of the program EasyCodeScan.

used for

  • Inventory of Goods
  • Entry of Data
  • Management of Goods

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Installation of EasyCodeScan

You can install the program EasyCodeScan on a mobile terminal, tablet, or phone yourself by downloading the installation file from Google Store. With this, the program is installed - and works in demo mode. To activate the full functionality of the program, enter the license key in the settings menu. Now you are all set to start with your inventory. 

Do you also want to make the inventory process even faster?  Check our ProCodeScan solution with many more capabilities! For more information contact our warehousing and barcode experts at [email protected].

Compatibility with your accounting or other back-end systems

If the back-end program allows import, the ECS file can be adapted to the back-end system, as we have a flexible plug-in for connecting/importing and exporting data. Contact our consultants for detailed information on data exchange at [email protected]

category: Software