AssetCodeScan (ACS) - software solution for asset management

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AssetCodeScan is a user-friendly app for keeping track of all your physical assets within your company. Just scan the barcodes, view & update asset information. ACS also enables you to import and easily export data files, prepared in a way that is compatible with most accounting and bookkeeping programs. 

The capabilities of the application are the following: 

  • Import of data files - with locations and assets
  • Managing the locations of assets
  • Managing of assets
  • Overview of assets
  • Custom fields

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A simple and flexible inventory management app capabilities:


  • import and files (CSV, txt, dat) on a mobile device,
  • data  about assets can be exported from the accounting or ERP program (code, name, location); 


  • Using the barcode reader, keyboard or mobile phone camera, you can enter new assets
  • Scan barcodes of assets and find the location of the asset
  • Quick manual entry of  new asset and location codes, 
  • Possibility to move assets from one location to another location. 


  • Using the keyboard or barcode reader, you can enter new location codes 


  • Overview of all assets that were already scanned on one location; 
  • Overview of all assets on a level of one inventory. 


  • Adding asset note when needed; 
  • Automatic acceptance of new assets or manual confirmation of each asset; 
  • The possibility of proposing an asset for write-off; 
  • The possibility of marking a bad label - the suggestion that a label should be printed; 
  • Viewing the location of the photo of the asset in Google Maps; 
  • The possibility of taking and saving pictures of the assets; 
  • Viewing the location of the photo of the asset in Google Maps;
  • If your device (mobile terminal) has a GPS, you can track GPS locations of the assets. 


  • Fast export of data on your PC (through Wi-Fi or USB)


  • Backup of the data (record of your assets) is done automatically on the mobile terminal when you copy the data on PC or when you export the files to a mobile device. 

category: Software