About us

Over the last two decades the barcode and RFID technologies have become indispensable tools in every walk of life – from your local supermarket to national healthcare systems. 
These tools may be widely available but the art of using and implementing them is in a rather shorter supply. . 
Hence, the excellence of Info-Kod is about delivering total solutions – we strive to totally focus on the client's requirements as well as on building totally profitable and durable solutions.

Info-Kod is a rather unique company on many counts:

 - Info-Kod is unique in being the leading company in this highly competitive market for over 20 years.

-  Having secured its dominant position in Croatia,  Info-Kod has also become, via its network of companies (Info-Kod Group), the market leader in Slovenija, Serbia, Bosnia and Hercegovina and Macedonia.

-  What is also unique about us is our determination to  keep our customers at the centre of our processes, design and operations.

-  Deliver products that exceed customer expectations.

Our steady and fast growth, spanning over two decades, is the best guarantee there will always be new customers who will be won by the way we treat them while delivering solutions always one step ahead of our competitors. 
It is our customers who know best why our second name is – „Masters of Codes“

Info-Kod is a distinguished  partner of the world’s leading manufacturers of automatic ID equipment (Zebra, Motorola/Symbol, Handheld Europe, Unitech, Intermec, Datalogic,  Europlus... )

It is our independent position that enables us to offer only the best available hardware to our clients.

Our total solutions are total in every sense of the word:

-  We are totally focused on understanding our client’s business practices and workflows

-  We are totally equipped to develop end-to-end solutions

-  We are totally committed to measuring our success by our customer’s satisfaction

-  We totally believe that our client’s staff should rest assured that our assistance is only one phone call away

-  We totally believe that our post-sales efforts and customer support are even more important than our pre-sale efforts.