Remote support

ISL Light is a program for remote support that enables viewing and secure control over the remote work environment (remote computer). The main feature of ISL Light is its ease of use. In ASP Subscription transition mode adjusting setup is not required because ISL Light has its own system of protection. Everything you need for such support when working remotely is fast internet connection. Using ISL Light saves you time required for software maintenance.

To start the support session, click on the right image at the bottom:

Establish the connection for OPERATOR    Establish the connection for CLIENT

1. Click "Get code"

2. Enter username/password

3. Enter the code

4. Click "Connect"

Correspondence: operator and client are chatting

Viewing the work environment: operator or client easily allow control over the computer

Remote monitoring: operator or client easily allow control over the keyboard and mouse

File transfer: simple file transferring between the connected computers

Worksheet: operator uses a client's working environment as a worksheet