NiceLabel Designer Pro

category: Software

All-inclusive label designer for the office user. 

Labels are unique documents and designing them with tools not built for the job can be challenging.

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The NiceLabel Designer makes this task easy for anyone. It's packed with graphical design features and you don't need coding skills or training to create labels in minutes. The Designer comes with many pre-built templates that you can modify to meet your requirements. Alternatively, NiceLabel's global partner network is available locally to help you design labels tailored to your needs.

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detalied specifications

  • 1 user and unlimited printers
  • Multi-user with 3, 5 or 10 printers editions
  • Label Designer
    • All capabilities including MS Access, SQL Server, Oracle and more
    • All counters & serialization
    • All variables
    • All functions (including concatenation)
  • On-demand printing
    • Adaptable printing forms
  • Modules
    • Design
    • Print
  • See extra features


Designer Pro

category: Software