Professional RFID Tags

category: RFID tags

Professional RFID Tags are used in a wide range of RFID applications. Our RFID tags can be used for years in harsh conditions.

Our tags can withstand harsh environments and high temperatures while still maintaining high performance. We help our customers to solve their identification problems and challenges. Our customers typically have valuable items or objects to identify such as pallets, cages and containers. The ability to identify them and to track their location is often crucial for successful business.

Professional RFID Tags are available for all RFID standards, frequencies and reading distances. We offer solutions for: UHF 860–960 MHz (ISO18000-6C, EPC Class1 Gen2), HF 13.56 MHz (ISO15693, ISO14443) and LF 125 / 134.2 kHz standards for Near-Field, Low-, Mid- and Long-Range reading

used for

  • Asset Tracking
  • Car Identification
  • Medical device management
  • IT management
  • Document identification
  • Logistics
category: RFID tags