Unitech PA500II

category: Windows

PA500II is at your service! This enterprise class PDA offers all the functionalities packed in a slim and compact design. The PA500II ultimately combines nice looks with durability and functionality, making it ideal for any retail or hospitality application.

PA500II is designed to rapidly deliver the ROI users in these markets are looking for. PA500II offers far greater durability than consumer grade PDA’s. It can withstand multiple 1.0 meter drops to concrete, yet it fits easily into a shirt or trouser pocket. Its small size and light weight make it the ideal device for employees that daily face customers. Order taking in hospitality, digital agenda for medical personnel or mobile POS in retail. PA500II serves different needs in different applications. The large touch screen allows easy and error free data input and the battery is capable to operate more than a full day shift. PA500II is designed to fit in hospitality and retail environments often surrounded by many Wi-Fi hotspots. Its Summit radio offers good roaming performance to ensure no order is missed. Worker flexibility and output will increase significantly, and not the least important, customer satisfaction will increase as well.

used for

  • Field Service
  • Inventory
  • Asset management


  • Government
  • Retail

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category: Windows