Handheld Nautiz eTicket Pro II

category: Windows

Smart choice for electronic fare collection and ticket validation, the Nautiz eTicket Pro II merges ultimate mobility with true field functionality.

This rugged handheld is a reliable and efficient tool for transactions and validations, designed specifically with transit workers in mind — it’s packed with features, it’s compact and truly portable, and it offers a reliable computing solution for challenging worksite environments. The built-in Arcontia smart card reader makes the Nautiz eTicket Pro II an extremely fast and accurate tool for contactless payment data collection. This powerful reader supports ISO/IEC and ISO14443 type A/B RFID devices, and has two integrated Secure Access Modules (SAM) for secure transactions. The contactless electronic link between the card and the reader allows for the fast interface that is needed in security and payment systems. The Nautiz eTicket Pro II has all you need for work on the go. Its high-brightness resistive touchscreen provides a generous and practical mobile workspace, without sacrificing portability — this ultra- rugged unit weighs just 335 grams (11.8 ounces).

used for

  • Direct Store Delivery
  • Field Service
  • Ticketing/Citations
  • Receiving/Shipping


  • Government
  • Field Data Collection
  • Field information Survey
category: Windows