Handheld Nautiz eTicket Pro

category: Windows

The Nautiz eTicket Pro is a versatile PDA designed for payment transactions and validations.

With its category-leading combination of performance features in a small but rugged package the Nautiz eTicket Pro is the perfect handheld for fare collection in public transport. The Nautiz eTicket Pro is designed to provide everything you need for optimum in-the-field computing performance - this handheld offers a total package of unmatched capabilities in a rugged format. First of all, the Nautiz eTicket Pro is fast and powerful. Its high-speed 806 MHz Xscale processor, 256 MB RAM and 512 MB Flash memory is unsurpassed in the handheld market - this mobile computer can keep up with you. And it's easy to use and practical. With Windows Mobile 6.1, a full VGA, daylight visible screen, and a battery that lasts more than a full workday on a single charge this handheld takes desktop computing efficiency out into the field.

used for

  • Direct Store Delivery
  • Field Service
  • Ticketing/Citations
  • Receiving/Shipping


  • Government
  • Field Data Collection
  • Field information Survey
category: Windows