Bluebird Pidion BIP-1500

category: Windows

The Pidion BIP-1500 is the world’s first 3.5G Mobile POS Device with an IP54 rating. Designed to withstand harsh environments and enable totally secure payment transactions, the BIP-1500 delivers revolutionary integration and specification to the user.

The Bluebird Pidion BIP-1500 is like that little red multi-tool (you know the one) for your business. This highly-functional, multi-featured device is designed to give your team a single-device solution. The BIP-1500 is optimized to perform in industries that make use of point-of-sale transactions, ticketing, or otherwise need to print receipts or tickets on location. The BIP-1500 includes many standard and optional features: barcode scanner, magnetic strip reader, RFID, printer, and a options for a rear PIN pad, extended battery, or biometric fingerprint scanner. These features allow your team to do what they need to, where they need to, using a single device.

used for

  • Field Data Collection
  • Direct Store Delivery


  • Logistic
  • Field Service
  • Security

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category: Windows